The North Market, C’lumbus–as they like to say

That was an enjoyable trip, the North Market. And there the food is satisfying because of the method they employ. You look at it when you order, not a picture. It makes a difference. I, of course, went with the non-arts & crafts Chicago style brat and some chili.

Sensible fat chap prepared for me my food, answered my questions, got me out of the way. Not a big one on getting food from yon Cassius types, you know? The lean and hungry look makes one uneasy when it comes to cooks.

Big place, informal, warm. You get your stuff and get along upstairs and find your own location and go to work. From up above you can look down on things. I watched a guy cutting up lamb or goat. Most persevering, and bloodless too.

The downside was the coffee shop. They were cheerful enough with the service, just mindbogglingly slow. I believe the native taking money had a religious tattoo of some vaguely Christian sect. I also believe everybody working there could have used a triple espresso.

Well, don’t go there for the coffee. Go there for the cheese, the bread, the sausages, and if it is your taste, the arts & crafts stuff from other lands. The Vietnamese seemed very popular with many. And yet I think the place with wood-smoked meats variety was the most popular of all.


One thought on “The North Market, C’lumbus–as they like to say

  1. Yes, the Vietnemese is very good. There was a Chinese counter, delightful fare, but the propietor moved due to persecution by the health department. Or so he said.

    I have stood long and longingly at the cheese coolers, but never purchased. Never had the sushi either. The Polish is good.

    My annual pilgrimage comes round next month.

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