So Far

Four liters of Dr. Pepper down.

Already blew the budget on books.

Got jeans.

Got new laptop.

Met with a person who takes pictures of dead frogs (interesting) of a Saturday morning. Bright the morning, clear the skies, snow glittering down from the wind rushing in the branches. Ended among the old books heaped and stacked.

Sat through a long, disjointed monologue where the preacher had the effrontery to say he’s neither a Calvinist nor an Arminian. Hard to believe such people are real, but I haven’t been in a fundamentalist church for years, thank God. What dishonesty in the same building where I was first taught theology! Do their peers compell them to say such things? Is there a crowd of them for whom saying that is fitting in? Surely the second coming is at hand.

If you say what this chap did, one of two things, it seems to me, is true of you: 1, you are ignorant of theology; or 2, you are being dishonest. Is this what comes of Calvinism being popular? If you want to be cool, you pretend you’re not really Arminian, however limited the options? The unspoken assumption seems to be they return to the simplicity of Scripture refusing all the accretions superadded by the Reformation and other such theologically fanatical knuckleheads.

Otherwise enjoying the winter. Had a bath!


7 thoughts on “So Far

  1. It strikes me that the obfuscation of the matter can be seen more clearly when we set other theological polarities side by side.

    “I am neither a Trinitarian nor a modalist.”

    “I am neither a credobaptist nor a paedobaptist.”

    “I am neither a inerrantist nor a errantist.”

    Now if there were a third option, the statement might make sense.

  2. I saw in the greenish winter stream
    a frog theological; paralyzed, it seems
    between God and man. He had a new
    approach, quite popular: the rigor
    of death kept him in place. The stream
    continued as it had for years and years.

  3. My thoughts exactly, Ryan.

    I grew up with this sort of teaching under RVC. Imagine the hue and cry if we said, “I’m not a pretribber, midtribber, posttribber, premillerian, postmillerian, or amillerian, I’m a biblicist!”

    Did you get any Coney Island hot dogs, Joel?

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