Morning and the world is white. The abbreviated daylight throws us off, but we needed the rest.

Snow is falling, english muffins, sausage and that peculiarly bad coffee that so many Americans spend their mornings over. It is as if Colombia never existed.

* * *
Was in Manhattan yesterday: nice place. The subway with its neglect–a piece of New York being forgotten, coffee and the Empire State where I was out of place not having a blue light on my face since I only bent over my coffee, people bustling about a city in English.

* * *
Got cash from an ATM in Manhattan and the receipt told me I had 2 million left in my account. Then you know what incredibly happened? I threw the receipt away.

* * *
Enjoyed the bust of Beethoven in Central Park. And everything.

* * *
Next stage of my life: figure out how to live in NYC.


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