Waiting for the Vacation to Begin

Back to the El Dorado airport soon. Then to the JFK and NYC. 12 hour layover in NYC, get to see the place. Also see our old pastor from Providence. I want to talk to him about my future.

Then Columbus for under a fortnight. There to be among book stores again, to be able to go walking in parks and natural areas without taking a crowd along to keep one safe.

Back to temperatures below freezing! The peculiar quality of the air at those temperatures is one of my favorite experiences. I don’t understand why so many don’t like it, but I enjoy that very much, and I like to be outside in it and feel the cold on my head, and look at the empty trees, hearing them rattle sadly.

Man, I like melancholy things. They make me so glad!

* * *
I wonder how I’ll handle the beverages. They use a lot of ice in the USA, and I’m not a big fan. I could always ask for things without ice, but things still come pretty cold and anyway, I hate making a nuisance of myself asking for extra things from waiters, especially if they’re not too good at their job. I don’t like to deal with incompetent waiters.

Man, I hate friendly, outgoing waiters. We don’t have that here. I’m not looking forward to somebody saying, Hey, how are you guys doing? like we’ve been friends for life when what I want from them is reserve, distance and deference.

* * *
I am a person for smells. I wonder what JFK smells like? I remember what planes in general smell like, bleh. Ah, the USA with all its bad coffee, but its smells are generally friendlier than here.

Man, I like the smell in the air when the snow has been melting and evening halts its escape.

* * *
It will be interesting to smell New York. Unfortunately, there will be a parade for the Giants of New York tomorrow, but I understand the city is a large one and perhaps it won’t be so hard to avoid. It would be interesting if something happened with our outbound flight. I’ve had that happen to me twice in Chicago. Got to know the place a bit. I still have a fleece that says Chicago on it that we got in Chicago. Maybe I can get a NYC one.

Fleeces are good here in Bogotá where it is on the chilly side and no heating, insulation, or even sealing of windows and doors. A sweater is not enough.

Which makes me wonder if I’ll be overwarm in the USA being indoors. Well, I can always wear less clothes.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Vacation to Begin

  1. Re: Melancholy and gladness, I am reminded of lines by David Kirby:

    they are sinking into such sorrows
    as only happy men can know.

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