Or perhaps you will say sienna or auburn–shades of brown. The thing with computers is you don’t know what people are getting. The Sap Green and its hues have had a rough time on my screen at least. What I did was notice that my Alizarine Crimson and Burnt Umber were the least used tubes, so I was generous with them and added in a little white, mixing variously as I went along till it was all mixed totally.

Every time I look at it I think, “Where are you riding O Riders of Rohan?” I think it is the mountains, but I’m not entirely sure why. I had to chop off the bottom as it became irremediable, but thus the thing was saved–which is what I really do: rescue things from the abysmal.

This one was painted and was nothing at all, with some dismally failed pines. So I waited for it to dry thoroughly and washed it thoroughly and then came back in the foreground with burnt umber and perhaps something else. Katrina said it looked like another planet and for that I am grateful.

Not much reserve (the white part you don’t paint) but just enough, eh?

And here a variation for those of you tired of trees or of mountains, trees and mountains in the winter.

I call this one Winter of Trees & Mountains. You’ll have to imagine harder to get the russet in it, I suppose, since its inclusion in this category is entirely gratuitous.


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