Some Quotations

Among other things, the letters of C.S. Lewis are a good way to be put on to an awful lot of interesting books one might not otherwise have run across. But there is more, and in this recent binge through a few years of his letters I’ve found things such as this:

“No one ever influenced Tolkien–you might as well try to influence a bandersnatch. We listened to his work, but could affect it only by encouragement.”

And this one I specially prize:

“I am so glad you like Till We Have Faces, because so few people do. It is my biggest ‘flop’ for years, and so of course I think it my best book.”

I quite agree.

I’m in the third volume in which quite a bit of his views on inspiration are aired, and also his interpretation of the notoriously difficult parable of the unjust steward on page 1043.


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