Submitting Like a Fiend

The sonnet [No Resignation] disappeared, but the encouragement was needed and went down well. I have now submitted a whole lot of stuff and am working on a whole lot more in a mad, heedless way. Thanks to my new pal the snake-handler, I use Duotrope which is an awfully good idea and easier to use than Ralan. I still remember going to the library and poring over the Writer’s Market. If I get out of Colombia and settle into comfort in the USA and get two monitors to do this with, I’ll be all set.

If I get anything accepted. Last year for that for me was 2009, and that was a good year.

Thanks to Duotrope, I have found an interesting new sub-genre called Bizzaro. Think that might just be my niche. What else is the Cron. if not Bizzaro?


One thought on “Submitting Like a Fiend

  1. I’ve used Duotrope enough that I feel really guilty not having donated. I’ll have to rectify that sometime this year. Although I may have to check to see if I earn any credits having sent them a new user.

    May the editors smile upon you.

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