The Voice of Flannery O’Connor

She reads A Good Man Is Hard to Find here.


2 thoughts on “The Voice of Flannery O’Connor

  1. Wow, her voice isn’t what I expected. I finished “Wise Blood” last month; it was my first O’Connor book. I wasn’t very impressed when I started, but it grew on me. The second (or maybe third, but one would never *say* third) most fascinating woman I know has been trying to get me to read Flannery O’Connor for years, and I finally was bored enough to give it a shot. The fact that O’Connor isn’t available on Kindle, but I read her anyway, is a testament to my level of boredom. I’ll almost certainly read (or listen to) “A Good Man is Hard to Find” now.

    I think it is O’Connor’s caustic irony that I find so incongruous with the southern accent, since my stereotype of southern drawl doesn’t allow for much complexity of feminine character. I suppose I’ll need to read “Good Man” on paper.

    BTW, it appears that Evelyn Waugh’s most recommended books are still not available on Kindle, despite my clicking the “request this publisher” button like an obsessed Deji Pachi player. However, they are available as audiobooks, so I just might have to become familiar with *his* voice.

    If you’re interested in Sci-Fi opinions, I’ve read a few in the past month or two. “Evolution” by Baxter came highly recommended, but was preachy, screedy, and tedious, with the only flashes of brilliance coming in the last 30 pages. I would not recommend. “Blindsight” by Watts, on the other hand, is one of the most important sci-fi works of the past 50 years. Highly recommended. “Quantum Thief” by was really fun, too, but not as recommended as “Blindsight”.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll be looking into them when I can.

    As far as the south goes, you need to try the Southern Agrarians and that will radicalize your perspective. Here is one by Weaver that will turn things around: The Southern Tradition at Bay. Not, I think, available on Kindle. Not fiction either: his dissertation.

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