After the Season of Long Rain

After the rainy season comes the dry, which we are now enjoying. There is a richness of the color green, as it does not come fresh like when you have a spring. You have a renewing and a glory quite mature.

The skies then, in Bogotá are blue, the sun is clear, the pines shimmer green, and white clouds go slowly by. Between the buildings sometimes you see sunsets. I have a tree that when the sun’s behind it (it is squeezed between a tall house and the apartments across the way) its leaves are all mysterious, black and swaying in a dust of gold.

The highland sun is strong, but that is all. It does not get hot, we are too high for that. Never unpleasant indoors, and usually the breeze outdoors as long as you stay out of the blazing sun: unless you want the clear and blazing sun.

A pleasant place, this land, especially in these summer months of late December, January and February. Everybody at this point is on holiday too.

Here’s something which might be as it is down in the torrid Magdalena valley, where perhaps the trees begin to vanish into light, and in the fervent heat the elements begin to mingle.


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