Ideas for My Future

I will soon be 37 and with no career in view other than failed at being a Science Fiction writer. What shall I do?

1 Be a Pastor–nobody ever gives up on this one do they? I’ve tried it, it hasn’t worked, no vocation, no desire, lets move on.

2 Start a Rock Band. I would undoubtedly be good. Musical talent? None to speak of. Accordion? Yes. Ideas? Science Fictional. It’s the doing drugs part I’m kind of squeamish about.

3 Teech Literchur. Here’s the thing. I have to start with a masters and then get a doctorate and then people think there are a lot of jobs in this field: if said people ever paid attention they’d realize the market is oversupplied starting with English majors. All that work to get out and teach Toni Morrison to 8th graders?

4 Program Computers. I worked in a company where there were computer programmers and I met with them regularly and was never impressed with their intelligence or ability or even what they produced. It has to be the ultimate slacker job. That’s why I say, how hard can it be? I’d be able to get a job, I bet.

5 But I do like studying though not the academy anymore. Maybe I could go into some kind of history of SA, or Colombia, which has an interesting history. The AEI would be a nice place to aim for, it seems to me (and probably miss). Here is the positive side of all that, for all my age: no kids.


12 thoughts on “Ideas for My Future

  1. One might consider becoming a practicing agrarian, after the manner of Weaver’s Vermont farmer. This has possibility for the provision of one’s material needs, and sharing the gifts of one’s soul as given by our Creator. Wendell Berry had high regard for South American agrarians.

  2. As for computer programming: there was a high school math teaching position open nearby. There were 40+ out of work engineers and computer programmers vying for that job. The ones around here will have a job for a 18 months or so and spend the next year on unemployment before they get recycled through the system. Maybe things are better for them elsewhere? Maybe unemployment is just the ticket to give you time to get published. hehehehe

  3. In Canada, folks who can’t find other jobs go work for the government. In capitalist countries, I suppose the equivalent would be the insurance agencies.

    I can think of at least one science fiction writer (?) who churned out some well-received reflections on cockroaches while working in the insurance field…

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