Mournings and Lamentations

Blogging has fallen on hard times, eh? Well, that’s the nature of blogging. Lowerwisdom has dropped clean out of the net, the way only these computer wizzes can (see, or rather don’t see how cleanly some have departed while others not so cleanly). The Red Book of Westmarch seems to have fallen prey to academical concerns. Immoderate has become quite still; Innominate won’t even talk; and Irrelevant is, well, rather more so than ever. De Merum Wysteria has long since ceased palpitating. It tends to happen with the Latin-titled, doesn’t it?

Let us mention those who soldier on with honor: Remonstrans, Paleoevangelical and sometimes Dandelion End. Conservative Christianity is going still, and that is something. We might mention Synodos, and Platform and Diakrisis for occasional (most occasional) signs of life. The O-files . . . But nothing is the way it was.

Lou goes on, thank Satan, but the guy in North Dakota seems to have packed it up. They excised Bauder, Doran and whatever else, and now what are they left with? The Ox from Canada is mostly mighty still these days.

Not that I invest it in much anymore myself. Blogging as a great personal variety show seems to be all spent with us. Blogging in its glory. Not even the internet roach motel holds any of its ancient transgressive thrill. Is this the way fundamentalism ends, not with a bang or a whimper but just a ponderous gradual cybernetic collapse?

I miss the old fundamentalism, you know? The religion that was our entertainment and the life and substance of so many blogs. It was our wine and beer and gave us cheer and now it seems no longer here. Where will we get our absurdity? Have we passed even that stage in our decline? Now we can bang rocks together and read about the dull emergents till out of sheer boredom we march back to Hollywood, were we were born. Saint Andreas deliver us!


6 thoughts on “Mournings and Lamentations

  1. Hi Joel

    I have noticed this trend as well. I think I blogged about it a while back. But like everything in life, there is an ebb and flow. I am not as prolific as I was, but many other things are getting in the way. And perhaps I am learning not to just be outraged by everything?? (One could hope.)

    Regardless, I intend to soldier on albeit at a slower pace, simply because I like to write things out and the blog gives me a place to put my stuff out there for comment by others and to be an influence on my boys (hopefully).

    I also think this is a bit of Ecclesiastes, you know. Vanity, vanity, and all that. The blogs started to quiet down after Facebook et al were on the rise. Should we now Twitter? Doesn’t interest me, but one of my sons thinks it should. So blogging is old news…


    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  2. Anyway, the O-files was never in the same league as most of those others.

    Only thing I might have everybody beat at is salamander photos.

  3. Facebook has taken a lot out of the soul. I feel the urge to “like” things I read and my first thought when I hear something funny is sometimes, “L. O. L.”

    “Back to Hollywood where we were born.” Excellent.

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