Various & Sundry

This is the cleanup category. I’ll comment below the scan just to be inconsistent.

I painted this one out of a book, with the step by step. I like it because it reminds me of Columbus, OH. Columbus has all these wonderful metroparks in which I have spent about a third of my life. The winters there are mild, and the painting reminds me of November there. The great outdoors of the suburban cities of the USA is one thing I chiefly miss.

Not particularly noteworthy except to say it isn’t as bad as the worst of them and that I painted it while listening to John MacArthur defend credo-baptizm before a bunch of presbos.

Another one out of a book. I think I actually improved on the book. Later, I tried to repeat it and was unable. Felicitous the colors, eh? I sometimes paint with not enough colors out and trying to use up things: this one was not that way. Felicitous the sky. (Subsequently taken up in the internationally famous Triage Poetry winter issue ;)

I dreamed this. No kidding: the vague city, the orange sky, the yellow ochre in the lights. I added the lemon yellow but I dreamed that prussian blue. And I think the painting actually comes close to the dream: of course you know what things dreams are, and what made of, and how perhaps they change in the memory. But this one is no imitation–that I can tell. Lock, stock and barrel mine or at least given to me in visions of the night.

So I did a second take, with darker skies and on a smaller bit of paper. I added the cloud and now it looks like the city is dreaming, which is a pleasant consideration.

I wish I had known exactly how to add further still at an unearthly height, a luminary clock against the sky because it does seem to proclaim the time is neither wrong nor right. I have been one acquainted with the night.

Not that I’m above imitating even after the gods have visited me personally. One has a creative dream about twice in thirty-six years, it seems. The mountains above were not intended. The snow in the foreishground is not ok. Still, it is cold and urban and what could be better?

A bit less variation in color. It is on a card the size of a business card. More abstract the city, starker the winter, better the whole.

The End.


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