I wish I could get closer to what I’m after with trees. I probably just need to devote myself. Don’t see myself devoting to anything but my present job though. This first was drawn, then practiced on smaller pieces, then painted on this original drawing taken from something I googled.

One of the four practice pieces was this next. It reminds me of spring, which in my mind is always the dirtiest season of the year.

This is quite recent. Wish the bank weren’t botched, but the sky is good! I have a really hard time with pines.

Rain. Isn’t that green quite wet looking? And I was pleased with the relationship the mountains and the clouds set up. I don’t have violet or purple in the Brazilian set of paints which is what I started out with. I don’t remember exactly, but I reckon the mountain is the crimson and prussian blue of the clouds. That kind of thing helps.

This next was one of the earliest. I added around the trees–I mean I painted the trees first, not last–and pulled it off. I think part of my success in those days was that I listened to recorded books and so took my time. Ought to return to that when I go back to painting in great bouts.

And a more recent development with the same sort of invasion of yellow in mind. The purple there is Chinese.

See what you can do with watercolors? You can set up the background. I, however, seldom set up things as I did in this one.

This last is very recent. Nice twilightishness, eh? I’m very pleased with the trees, something about winter to the way they stand there aside from their leaflessness. It reminds me of the long journeys we would take from Minneapolis to Columbus; it was late afternoon usually when we got to Indiana; this reminds me of that a bit, except they don’t really have mountains in Indiana. I removed paint from the mountains to make them sheerer. I wish I had added a star or two to the darker parts of the sky. Maybe I still will.


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