Here is more of my artless drawing: the Ghashly House.

It has it’s own charm, doesn’t it? It also has Lemon Yellow, the color I am lowest on.

I think what makes this next artless work is the white at the top. The whole thing is rather plain and rather devoid of effort, but it pleases me with its sense of winter hanging over everything.

And speaking of artless, this next one is a good example of what watercolors can do for the atmosphere. Nothing but a row of houses. The road somehow turned into a body of water, the lamp came out ok, but it was without true justification till the Azarin Crimson streaked the sky–rather obviously on the left–and charged the whole atmosphere.

The process for this next was that I did these cottages five times, each time drawing them a little better. Limited colors can be good, especially if you get the right ones together. Here, if I remember correctly, Burnt Umber and the Azarin Crimson.

When I get individual colors, and not a pack of tubes, I have to get Marigold or Magnolia or something like that. A good red, not one that makes you wonder like Azarin Crimson.

The nice thing about watercolors is that you can come back and charge the atmosphere, or leave, as in this case, cobbles in the waters that work. This one is simple, just that I tried wet on dry by waiting for the first stages to finish. It is an early work, but I’m still fond of it. I think I googled some place in Wales.


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