Google Iceland and you’ll get a lot of things worth painting. I have many, many Iceland failures in my swollen failure folder. But here are some successes. This little church is one. You can see my structures are artlessly drawn–one does not use rulers and one draws with a rather bold, irrevocable line rather than in tentative reiterated attempts. It gives the building a quality I like, like the good illustrations some children’s stories sometimes have. I guess I just have this natural talent for being artless.

Then there is the skyline of Reykjavik. I first did it small (sixth of a page, as with the church). . .

then it worked out large (whole page). . .

then I decided I was done with drawing it first and would get another angle. It came out flat, till I swiped it with this large, chinese brush that smells of cornsilk, and lo! There was rain and the colors took on drama somehow (I can honestly say that most of the good stuff I do is an accident).

And this last is not Iceland. I think it was the USA, but I tried not to make the houses look too American (no aesthetic appeal). Then it had nothing, till I removed paint and set the old cornsilk brush on it.

Cobalt blue on that one. Not a favorite but you can see it works there. I like the brightness of Phthalo blue, and I like the darkness of Prussian blue, and I have no other blues. Eventually, I want to at least include indigo.


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