Mountains, Gandalf!

I suppose it started with Icelandic mountains. These were sunset. I drew them in pencil before attempting this. One of the great things to do is not use a whole lot of colors.

I led up to this next gradually. Lots of attempts like waves, with increasing success like the incoming tide. Probably my final word on mountains. Wonderful how the color of the sky bled down into the mountains and not the other way around.

Along the way to these mountains, I had a lot of things my teacher objected to. She is not of the opinions that mountains should all be even, like so many heaps of pointy earth. I never asked her, though I did think it, whether or not she had ever considered what mountains created by dwarves digging in the vicinity would be expected to look like.

Little hut in the mountains, one of the few full page successes in this realm.

These mini chaps turn out well rather more frequently than not. Maybe it is the paper: it is business card type paper. Maybe it is that I have to be fiddly since they’re small. You’re probably seeing them at their actual size.

Yes, I’m rather pleased with the sky in the blue one. A bit tumultuous, eh?

And here is one that succeeds perhaps because of the lavender sky. You learn that the combination of colors you use can make or break the whole thing. It is very recent, the latest in my skill.


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