Watercolor Week

I graduated from the kindergarten of watercoloring a few months back. I’ll put up some stuff with insightful remarks over the next few days–persons have asked.

I didn’t study drawing, I didn’t study perspective, I didn’t do much more than play around and learn some basic things. I don’t use expensive paper: the paper is 43 lbs, white mostly, but now I have a cream pad. I’m going back to white when I finish this pad, but it has a lot left and I don’t paint at all regularly anymore. I also use something a bit stronger sometimes: bits of card etc. So the paper is usually wrinkled. It isn’t what you put finished product on, but then nothing of mine is really ready for that. I use Brazilian watercolors or Chinese—really cheap, the Chinese. I’ve used more expensive watercolors but I can’t tell the difference, maybe you need the right paper. As to the brushes, whatever comes along with the $5 set of Chinese watercolors I use, mostly.

Here are two early successes, from the very first weeks. It’s part of the joy of watercolors that you don’t really need much.

The sun was done by absorbing the yellow out of the painting: one of the more important techniques of watercolor is removing paint. Watercolors, by the way, are good for doing rain. Odd how the green has that sense of the sea, isn’t it?

This next one is the paper folded in half at the horizon to get the reflection. Felicitous. Then you just add the birds and the thing at the bottom to give it a bit more of the right-side-up sense. It was after this one I decided I needed to be able to do some palm trees. But I never got something good that combined what I did here and the palm trees. A lot of watercoloring, at least for me, has been that way.


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