In Thirds

Few of the things I’m pleased with have come out on whole sheets of paper. I like to part them into halves, quarters or thirds. This also led to a lot of failures till I started using the smaller brushes.

I did a lot of skylines—more later—but this one of Helsinki ended up with a pretty good shade of orange. You’ll see lots of classical looking buildings in the skyline of Helsinki if you google the images.

This next is a bit more Colombian. We have days when the mist and the unrelenting growing of the vegetation all seem to combine. There is something ominous about plants that grow year round. There is a little house in this painting (in case you’re going too fast) against which all nature manages to seem to be conspiring.

Not sure how I got these next windows as well as I did. The sense of emptiness you get is perhaps my careless habit of letting things just run. Watercolors do, you know.

Here is what I mostly did though: cold northern landscapes with mountains. In watercolors you use the white reserve of the paper as part of the color scheme. It often works to have just a little bit showing.

The next is one of the many I did of Reykjavik. You’re supposed to draw, though it isn’t always necessary. But I’m not fiddly, I’m not patient and I just did this one without drawing. It came out pretty cold. It reminds me of Minnesota more than Reykjavik. The ridges in the ice of the lake are made by removing paint.

I did a lot of mountains. These next phthalo blue ones fading into the clouds I like because the idea of mountains touching or piercing the skies and leading out of this world is the main point of any decent mountains, it seems to me. These on some kind of frozen lake in the north seen from behind the rushes with curious blue parts to them make me think of Alde’s winter wanderings.

Alde? Falcon Lord. My great debut fantasy novel.


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