Joys of Bogota

Some of them, that is.

1 Being able to go to Chia where the whole center of the town is blocked off to traffic and life becomes more human. It is amazing how much good for the otherwise squalid little towns around here stopping the cars, motorcycles and even bikes is. I think one of the great solutions to modern conditions is to ban the automobile and I don’t think anybody is serious about returning to a really human life who believes in having cars.

2 Lunch comes with soup, and they make some really good ones. No fan of lentils I, the soup with them today went down well.

3 Here their idea of a lemon is a lime in all the rest of the world. It is more robust, and better, besides being right. The lemonade went down well for all it was a great cool day though sunny.

4 When the fog wraps you in it is cool and the wind afterward is cool. I love morning fog.

5 Being able to have the smell of eucalyptus in your apartment (not a fake scent, the real thing around, boil the leaves, burn the stuff in your fireplace if you have one, which I don’t) is a real luxury. Almost makes up for never really having winter.

6 The library. Ha! I got a long list right now: got Ackroyd on Blake and will get him on Pound and Eliot, and then Carpenter on Pound and Auden, and then this marvelous Spanish guy translating Icelandic Sagas, and then books on the Vikings and even on ancient Scandinavia. Full reading list.


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