Coventry Patmore

I’ve only read The Root, the Rod and the Flower, but this is my second time through. It offers poetic insights, has a way of showing what a poetic insight is by means of prose. Highly valuable. I struggled with it at first. It’s the kind of book you read in bits over along time (at least three years for me), but near the end I caught on to the chap, and since I can’t bear not having him to read I’m doing it all over again, and it is worth it.

It is a curios thing, because Katrina found this volume for me in the clearance section somewhere. I got it for $2 and it appears to be a first edition, 1895. Which means, it was probably Half-Wit, bless them, where the employees aren’t all that good at the book trade.

It is also a curious thing because it was what tipped me on all this Kindle business. You know how much Coventry Patmore for Kindle costs? $0. It was realizing that, checking on the Aristotle, and then stumbling onto the William Morris that tipped me over the edge. And the $79 version. So next time we’re in the USA not only am I going to get more of these enduring Adidas Sambas which are $150 here, but probably also a Kindle, and load it down with everything Coventry Patmore.


4 thoughts on “Coventry Patmore

  1. FWIW, Kindle Reader app for PC is free, as is the Kindle reader app for Android or iPhone. I use both. Also, if you have any device that has Google Chrome installed, you can read your Kindle books without installing an App, via All of them remember which page you were on, all your notes, etc. so you can switch back and forth between devices without losing anything.

    The best part about Kindle, IMO, is that all of your highlights and notes are available to be copy/pasted into files on your machine after you’re done reading. It has saved me about 2 hours per book I read, where I used to scan the notes and highlights in manually.

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