The Low Down

Folks, this tells us everything, EVERYTHING!

Beware, watch at your own risk. Why?

1 It begins and ends with WORDLY music.

2 At one point Andrew D(evil?) Naselli’s hands and whole body have this mystical, new age flash, revealing his real purpose: subterfuge, deceit, high-brow rarefied darkness. Folks, the guy is clearly bad; he doesn’t get his doctorates the way God’s men do, as a donation for their efforts to bless people. He’s trying to earn them by works.

3 Look at the odd emphasis Colin Hansen (don’t be fooled by the hair; in order to appear evangelical in the video, he doesn’t comb it, that’s all) makes when he pronounces the words “Penal Substitution.” Besides Satan himself, who else would hesitate to say those blessed words if not a LIBERAL?

Let me be clear: I do not recommend having your kids or new converts around when you play this dangerous video. But if you have discernment it can help you get a sober view of what things have come to. Central Seminary has gone down the toilet, and no plunger can bring it back.


3 thoughts on “The Low Down

  1. Shocking. Nasellout blushes several times, proof positive that his conscience is flayed by his apostasy. Hassinned keeps gesticulating with his hands, another sign of a tortured conscience.
    Thanks for the advance warning about the vile content; only my Labrador saw it with me, and she has been behaving badly since then.

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