Boding Ill

Don’t miss this. Tou good tou be trou.


4 thoughts on “Boding Ill

  1. What’s funny is that in 2010 I was part of a quite large gathering of fundamentalist educators for whom Bauder read a draft of a goodly portion of what he included in Four Views. MORITZ was THERE, and said, essentially, “Go for it!” as I recall. (I’ll stand corrected.) I think that Sidwell was there as well, and he offered no major objections. Mark

  2. I think we it has come down to a good, countable number who is on the lord’s side and who aint.

    Lou, Mark Monte, Jack Hyles, the chap of the blog linked, the chap in North Dakota, and two more, one of which is the Sage of Hinga Lum Dura.

    I’m thinking there has to be a CofF in which the early life of the sage is told and we learn he was in a band that was called the Martooniacs that was originally called the Hamartooniacs.

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