Another Gem

I appreciate Lou putting all the effort he does into his blog. I really enjoy it. Taste of this latest. Better than The Daily Show.

Just one hesitation as to accuracy there . . . in the interests of truth and all . . . Lou sez something about Bauder’s personal blog in 2009, which made me blink. Didn’t Bauder’s blog crash and burn the same year of Brokeback Mountain, the year, in fact, 2005? If I ain’t mistook, that waz when it ceased and desisted altogether.


5 thoughts on “Another Gem

  1. I was going to say what Michael said.

    That post of Lou’s was filled with awesomeness. I should write Dull Sodder and convince him to take up blogging again. He couldn’t have written that piece.

  2. Yes, I was thinking about that. It was the whole fracas about a spear in the night, that film played by a homosexual. I was mixing the fags and the films rather a-la-Lou, I guess.

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