A good day for writing stories. I remember I used to write one every month and kept it up for three years or so, along with all the other things.

I also enjoy my own stories. That’s not to say they’re great, but you have to at least enjoy reading your own stories, especially since you have to read and re-read them. Part of it is that I forget what I’ve written and where things are going–like with any story–and so that adds to the joy when the next thing turns out to be interesting. I just sent off a story I began when I still worked nights–a time I have fond memories of. I would keep a notebook with me at work and if the idea struck, set it down and sometimes go on for pages. So it was with this story, and then it had no discernible ending, and then I discovered it.

When Lewis was in his 50’s he knocked out the Chronicles of Narnia. Got the idea, saw how it would be, wrote, and then after 7 books quit because he had done what he wanted to do. Which ought to tell us the idea of the Chronicles of Narnia is probably all or mostly used up. Of course, somebody conceivably could add to it, but the point is: if Lewis himself finished with it, what is the likelyhood of any other person discovering more?

If I keep practicing, maybe one day I’ll catch a good idea, and maybe by then have a good notion of how to use various forms. Lewis was good at discerning the proper use of form. What blocked him with an idea was figuring out the best form to set it forth. Me, I’m not even that far along.

Still, one feels quite smug about one’s stories. Then come the rejections and that lessens a bit. Wholesome too, that. Here is a pdf of the one I’ve alluded to, if you’re interested. It probably needs to lose some things near the end, but it ends.


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