The Progress We Make

Don’t we believe that Christ could return at any moment?

No, actually, if we don’t believe in the rapture, we don’t. I was surprised when someone pointed that out to me in MN. When I did it on Sunday, it was surprising for them. The touch-and-go part is that I’m not entirely sure what exactly we hold to with regard to events prior to the second coming.

Speaking of which, a brightish chap we have who switched over from a fundamentalist church was reading Sproul to figure out some eschatology and ended up concluding that because Sproul was arguing for no rapture that the learned man did not believe in the second coming. Sorted him out fairly easily.

Well. In other news, I was reading John Murray on the Covenant Theology and after a survey and study he says the covenants are not agreements between two parties, they are one-sided administrations, they are dispensations of God’s grace. Interesting, isn’t it, how things sometimes seem to whirl around?

I’m looking forward to one day being able to read the book written by the chap without whom I may not have become an RB. It is about Covenant Theology without a covenant of works, an RB development. Reformed Baptists, you know, are sometimes accused of being dispensationalists. Why? No paedobaptism. There is a certain discontinuity involved in the conclusion, after all.

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