Simple Things

I am not a great one for simple things. I do not think it is a gift to be and the idea that you just come down free is one I find fatuous.

But in beginning a thing, it is good to get the simple outlines. It helps one gets one’s bearings, and I can see how some spend their life slowly gathering about themselves their bearings, though it seems an alarming thing in which to persist.

So I have reached Luke 17 and have to touch on Eschatology and even know what I’m saying. I did not realize what was waiting me, but had picked up something simple on Eschatology to start working on, and it was at a good moment. I picked up Lloyd-Jones on The Church and the Last Things (I translate from the Spanish, from which another legitimate if curious translation would be The Church and the Latest Things).

Simple, but sound. And you know what? Sensible. He insists on not simply presenting the correct interpretation but in weighing always two or three on topics such as: when is the Second Coming, is there a future for the Jews, Daniel 9, Romans 11 and such. He insists on it because he wants to take into consideration the variety of backgrounds his people come from, and he is wise to do so.

We are wise to do so, who aren’t dispensationalists. The chances are high that most Christians are and that many know little else. It is also the truth that many Covenant Theologians can’t fairly represent dispensationalism, don’t try, and that is counterproductive. It has to be one of my simple goals to quell the impulse to be anti-dispensationalist, but at least for that I’m pretty well equipped.

I don’t read Lloyd-Jones too much because he is simple, but here I have a useful thing.


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