Adjustment of Tastes

One of the things that happens is that you find as time goes on that there is an adjustment of your tastes. When you left the USA you thought of Dr. Pepper and Cheezits, you remembered what passes for Chinese food in the USA and pizza, and your life in cars, in sealed buildings, what you could find in the MIA, the public libraries, all those things.

But after a couple of years what one finds is that one even starts to wonder if Dr. Pepper matters all that much. Strange, and almost a point of heresy, but true. I think I will always be able to miss going out and ordering a complete breakfast. I am not talking about the childish stuff all sugar and whipped cream and syrup which I don’t think people can so much enjoy eating as they do because of how it appears. No, not breakfast for the vulgar, I am talking about eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and good sausage, and perhaps some cajun rice, along with english muffins, and coffee.

They don’t do that here, though they do know how to make a scrambled egg very well. Which adds the final point. Where one to leave, one would have to re-experience the whole adjustment of tastes again, with the disconcerting attachment to the former things, and the impatience with ways not yet entirely assimilated.

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