At the Moment

The watercoloring has me stumped because obviously I am going to have to go more carefully, learn to draw better, and fiddle with details. My problem is I want to paint in sweeping, masterful strokes!

So what helps is I chop the paper into little sixths, thirds or fourths and paint those with little brushes. What I need to do is combine the little on the big, or spread one thing over many little papers and then frankenstitch them back together into one horrible whole.

And I am running out of yellow. I am thinking of just getting cheap chinese watercolors to keep on experimenting (I have semi-cheap Brazilian ones now). If I get the expensive English tubes then I’ll feel inhibited. But maybe that will make me more careful.

* * *
Bray on The Doctrine of God is what one wants, mostly. A bit silly on Natural Law in the section discussing the Ethical Argument, with the usual silliness about polygamy in the OT and whatnot. It is so inane I ought to write a book against it. It goes to show the limitations of an age of specialization. He is really good within the confines of Systematic Theology, but when he has to depend on things outside of his specialty he can be rather conventional.

Is it a symptom of our malady that in order to solve this we think we need specialists in generalizations?

But I am very pleased with Bray. He put some things together for me that I had vaguely in mind. What he says about Omnipotence being the fundamental attribute is very compelling, especially when he ties it in with Apophatic theology and speculates about Calvin’s influence. Nothing could be more along the lines of my theological thinking in the recent years than that. I am intrigued by his Calvinistic solution: God is unknowable in his essence but is known in his persons.

I have to read again what he says on predestination, but I found it clarifying. He is excellent at working the historical development of things, something approaching the great Vladimir Lossky in that department; most unexpected and welcome too.

* * *
2nd time through A Voyage to Arcturus. It still has me, and it gives me ideas. The chap had an enviable imagination and a formidable clarity of vision.

I also read short stories, at least one every day. De Maupassant, Singer, Bowen and other things. I don´t have time to slog through a real, regular novel at the moment, so I save those for vacations–having learned from Lewis.


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