Well, reading is getting off the ground now. When I first started, I was spending over 60 hours a week just getting ready and maintaining myself from week to week in this job. Now that I’ve put my foot down (I’m the kind of person who is of the opinion that if doing too much is too much then you have to stop–if it means cancelling the Sunday School hour or the evening study, I’ll do it). But now I have somewhat overcorrected and need to pull back. I have trimmed, for the moment, my schedule so I can deal with it and now I need to give it a bit of structure so that I am not ashamed in the day of doom.

So I got Strong’s. He really is magnificent. He had a quotation from Pascal today about piety–something about piety being the heart sensible to God. I’ve done the first chapter of him and with leisure eagerness press on.

Then I’ve got Bettenson’s Documents. The chap seems an Arminian the way he comments and selects, but it is nevertheless a good exercise. A controversy a day or so: nothing long, but with understanding and reflection.

Then I’m getting to the end of Baxter’s Saint’s Eternal Rest. He has warmth that I don’t often associate with Reformed writings. He’s what Lloyd-Jones was after when he promoted a return to reading the puritans, etc. Baxter’s latter chapters on meditations and the affections are really worthwhile, and I’m glad we have him in Spanish. Almost done–been at him in a gradual way for over two months, I think.

Am going to start reading on Polity, printing it out. The resources for all that are not as abundant in Spanish and I want more details and better information as I have sensed that understanding in that area is somewhat scanty here.

Nothing like surrounding oneself with books and reading a little of each. A bit like school, all this, what with it not being what I’d select of my own volition but associated more with duty–haven’t read that way in a long time. And it truly helps one regain a sense of growing and deepening and not just getting thinner and thinner and worse and worse.

Haven’t brought myself to read on counseling or marriage or all that tedious stuff, and not convinced I ought to, yet.


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