Thus and also, well, not thus.

There are two kinds of pastor, speaking about your attitude toward your work and life in general, according to one who has pastored a long time and always worked within a plurality. They are: the ones who are earnest and always live with a sense of failure which drives them, and the ones who are more easy going about their responsibilities but don’t live with the perpetual sense of inferiority.

The wisdom here is to realize that both ends are necessary. I tend more toward the first, I think. What has brought some of the second into my life has been the aesthetic life. The leisure of it, the growing gradually of a thing well done, the realization that things take time and that only through time is time conquered–and things. The aesthetic life (should I call it that?) is about the glories of being finite and submitting to limitations in order to inquire of them, understand the wisdom, and grow.


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