Reflections from the Watercolor Class

First, that it was good again. Many years have passed since I sat in the company of a master and was instructed one on one. My piano teacher in Mexico left me with a lot of happy memories from my piano lessons. The sense of a tradition, of the discipline of an art, of demands that exceeded my abilities and required long, patient effort have all been renewed.

We began by feeling the paper I knew that was a good sign, that I was back in a similar situation and working from scratch. And the feeling of sitting side by side before the thing in question, of being guided by someone who knows after so many years was welcome.

Second, how everything was set up gradually, and then time was dispensed with. You have to take your time and you have to become absorbed with everything at hand, and otherwise you do not do it well. Like all the best things, they follow their own rules.


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