A Chestertonian Frog?

Does it matter that tomorrow the world will have a new princess? You know, I would really like to think it does and that it is wonderful that we live in a world in which they still make princesses. I like the idea of a princess and I think having them is a fine thing. A real princess must be an astonishing thing. And I think that because I’m a metaphysical realist. (I say that for all the hard-boiled out there who think it is fatuous of me: get a serious epistemology, idiots.)

But it isn’t the same, is it? It is like these movies based on myths–very bad for myths in general and no good for movies either. Our perception of the idea is so deteriorated there’s no way it can be true. It would be fatuous, it seems to me, not to mention sentimental not to see it otherwise. What isn’t false about it? What isn’t Disney? What transcends?

Leaving only one question: Is there some creature that can kiss the girl and somehow make a real princess out of her? Some kind of humble, Chestertonian frog perhaps?


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