All day drizzle. I like these days and the excellent breakfast thereof.

Excellent breakfast. Nothing like a hearty breakfast when it is raining.

Done with the dilemma, I think, of teaching. Am in Genesis 2 and things are getting deeper and deeper and better and better.

Apparently one of the mild observations about my teaching is that some wish I had more applications. I give them all that I can come up with.

More of a scholar, I think. Knowledge for its own sake. I enjoy studying, especially on rainy days.

It is a pleasant place to be though, and I can work on smoothing things out better. Helping them understand what difference chiasms make. It’s not rocket science.

It is like the apartment. Eventually we’ll have a few cowhide rugs, good pictures, comfortabler chairs and maybe even a lava lamp.

Man, I miss my lava lamp. I hope the temporary lack of one (it is going on two years since I’ve owned or even been in the light of one) doesn’t ruin my SF efforts.

As long as I can keep writing stories, I don’t feel like my life is being wasted vainly pursuing what I am not altogether convinced I should be doing.

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