The nice thing about not having a lot of things published is that when I am determined to work on things, after five or six years of building up things, I have all these things to work on. I was discovering some of the stuff I have hidden away–at one point I had it more coordinated than presently.

In our former neighborhood being woken up at 3AM was more common than here. Last night for the second time we were, but like the last time, it didn’t last long. It was the loudest ever, but it got shut down pretty fast. I think its gangs or drug dealers set up with their cars on the side of the street like that. So I got up two hours later, made a whole pot of hot chocolate and wrote, and now all I wish is that I’d gotten up sooner. Next time.

I have a lot of unfinished stories, and what I like to do is write a bit on them and then let them go again. I have a lot of finished stories and so I read them, and if I feel dissatisfaction, then I try adjusting; this often works. The more time you leave, the more likely you are to attempt the thorough measures needed. This way, eventually, I think I’ll get something pretty decent. One gets dissatisfied sometimes with things, and only needs time to go back and think: what a stupendously weird idea. Or sometimes: where was I going with that?

Before I can live the life of a writer of big fat novels that sprawl on and on, I have to enter by way of the short stories. So that’s what I’ve been working on while here, developing these Science Fiction things in which Reptilians figure and which aspire to be something like Ray Bradbury.

Went for a walk on the Saturday morning streets of my neighborhood and it reminded me of my early life. There is such an abundance of food and goods in Colombia, and if you know among all the places where to find the place for this and the place for that. They still do individual stores, and I’m happier with my neighborhood these days.

Had a good lunch. Have a good place nearby with the right fries, with soup, with salad and with roasted meat. We have a lot of meat roasteries–besides the cheap chicken roasteries–but these can get high-priced. Not this one on the corner, though. Big tables, good aji–hot sauce–and a pitcher of brown lemonade. The lemonade is brown because they sweeten it with unrefined brown sugar. It is part of being in this varied land to have the best potatoes in the world, brown sugar sold in bricks by pounds, more fruit than one can name, and all the rest.


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