Is Winter Coming?

I don’t know.

Here is a review of the Song of Ice and Fire so far that I would think in general would be dependable. If you don’t have that longing for another long series, if you haven’t tried a lot of disappointing ones, if you didn’t grow up rooting through used book stores for F&SF you probably don’t understand. But I find in me a great desire to go down to Author’s Bookstore and pick up a copy of the first volume and see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Is Winter Coming?

  1. I bought the series and started reading the first volume years ago. But when I hit the obscenities, I lost the interest to continue. After the books sat on the shelf for several years, I got rid of them.

    Whatever the merits of this work, don’t confuse it with Tolkien.

  2. Well, at least it wasn’t the bad writing, as with most series. You’ve said enough to make me wait till I can get some used copies, at least.

    I’ll try very hard not to confuse it with Tolkien.

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