My wife wanted to know why I was so happy about an electric car. Can you imagine the streets of Bogota when the cars are mostly silent and not belching out fumes? It will be so much more interesting. I can imagine the quiet countryside with space age forms shooting along in mostly mysterious silence (once the engine is silent, we can focus on the problem of the roar of tires and work to eliminate those), and I think it is a cheerful imagination. I came to Bogota in part because I wanted to live somewhere where you don’t need to own a car. I hate the quotidian minutiae of them, the fact that they’re machines because machines are inconvenient in that they break down and hics use them to decorate the lawn (the solution to the hics is to have a cash bonus for recycling high enough to be irresistible to them). Cars have made this country ugly, but I think the solution is not to ban them, but to be ingenious. And I think this makes GM’s new electric car sound ingenious; and this makes me smile.

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