Around the Colombian family’s kitchen table

Juice with peppermint blended in.

Lemon juice made of blending up the whole lemon (what in the USA they call a lime, a small one) and then straining it out. Very green, slightly foamy, and a bit of bitterness from rind. Good.

Tradition will heap you carbohydrates. Yucca, arracacha, potato and platano all together, repeated and with rice added to the main dish and desert. Not sure why the meal didn’t include bread of pasta, except that they represent more processing.

Arroz con leche for desert, cinnamony and unusually sourish. Or some sort of lulo custard, eminently repeatable. All with coffee.

One can usually get enough coffee, and some serve it with a pitcher of hot milk. Nothing like sitting around a long table in an A-frame out in the country after a rainstorm and while the daylight dwindles drinking coffee.

Discussions with Lebanese-Colombians and an etymological dictionary about the Arab origins of Spanish words: almuerzo, almohada . . . many things al–.

Teriyaki dishes and neurosurgeons wielding chopsticks deftly.

Curious the things you hear: from Strauss on down to Vivaldi on up. Heard a German shepherd thumping at the door. Montana State University tennis champions imitating Nadal.

Two hours after the large carbohydrate intake, hard toast dipped in hot chocolate: the idea was not to drink the hot chocolate, but absorb it all through the bread.

Imagine the A-frame all full of books. Life too, CDs, but many books. Imagine elsewhere the obligatory porcelain figures and lace, the tiled floors obligatory to the middle class.


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