Had to remain downtown all day since I had to teach a class and to take a class. So I had to eat lunch there.

Same last week, but I tried a Chinese place and it was abominable. Absolutely the worst. So I went with more caution and found the very first restaurant we had been to in Bogota over a year ago.

Best arroz con pollo I’ve had ever. Wonderful, perfect, with pineapple juice and noodle soup with a lot of potatoes in it.

Then I found the Brahms Quintets (2 String, Clarinet and Piano). Have been geeking for these for a long, long time. It was going to clean out my wallet (29,000 COPs) and I almost walked out, but they offered the descuentico. 10%, so I was left with something and the Brahms—and I approve the members of the Berlin Philharmonic Octet, though there is room one day for a better rendition.

And Katrina spent the afternoon learning how to cook Colombian. They have a soup/meal they like here in Bogota and elsewhere called ajiaco. It has potatoes and corn on the cob and other things in the soup part. The flavor is peculiar. It comes with rice and avocado on the side, and maybe platano sometimes. I have been eating it because I’m curious why they like it so much. I had not been able to discern what the big deal was.

It turned out very wonderful. I am now a fan. Marcela knows how to make ajiaco and now Katrina does too. And the rice, plain rice, was exceptional. It was perfect.

I had rice for all three meals today, and I ate two big meals and it was great. And Brahms!

What a jolly good day.