Rain Before Season

We are now receiving our first rain of the day (2PM).

They say it aint the rainy season yet. Well, its rained five or six times a day for two days straight, and it has been cool and cloudy even unto today. Maybe since we are just now getting the first rain of the day, it means it is drying up. Could be.

This storm is a thunder storm that has been working its way north along the eastern hills. I don’t think we are going to get much out of it.

* * *
Among other events this week, we lost power Monday night and all the way till Tuesday afternoon. Some vaina with the electric company and the fact that the electrical arrangement in our building is not altogether entirely illegal.

We are hoping that will change, but we are also pretty sure we’re moving out when the lease is up. (“Pretty sure” because it really is not realistic to think we will actually find something better.)

* * *
Had handed to me four hours of spare time by a cancellation. I live for cancellations. At the time I had a study of chapters 22-31 of Job, a study of the eighth commandment (the last metaphysical right), my online class assignments for this whole week, preparation for a class Friday AM, another for Friday PM, and the four hour Saturday AM class, besides four hours of training Saturday PM all crowding the schedule.

So having knocked a few things away, I’m taking this opportunity to blog. I’m hoping the Friday PM class cancels, as there is a good chance it will.

* * *
Fancy middle class restaurants here tend to call themselves Pescaderias and serve, among other things, fish. We just had another one open close by. Within one block we have at least four options. Within two, seven or eight, and none of them, including the fancy fish places (2), need run you more than $5.30–depending on the exchange rate.

* * *
Not too keen on the Falcon Lord now, but maybe soon with all this rain. I have the feeling I ought to pull it all apart and put it together better, and that’s why I want to read Waugh.

Will perhaps relish versing, and I have three stories coming along to nurse.

* * *
The rain is looking steady-ish. Not the six to eight hour soak of the rainy season, but perhaps a while yet.

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