On the Latest Time of Nick

That ought to separate the men from the boys, ruffle a few feathers, spark a few long threads.



14 thoughts on “On the Latest Time of Nick

  1. @Don, really?!? Did we read the same post from Doran?

    Doran says that he agrees with almost everything Bauder says. Doran talks about only one additional point, which Bauder never mentioned and probably wouldn’t dispute — essentially that fundamentalists are alone in their insistence on strict separation. Who would disagree with him?

    Doran reasonably asserts that if you judge purely on the metric of strict separation (rather than defense of the gospel, for example), all of those dirty evangelicals are the same, and the same as Romanists, for that matter.

  2. Bauder said there are no more new evangelicals, Doran said he wouldn’t go that far, and listed reasons why. Bauder said that the conservative evangelicals were the ones defending the faith, Doran showed clear examples of them compromising the faith. (I guess I should use the term “gospel” instead of “faith”, but old habits die hard.) Read Doran carefully. He is essentially countering the main assertions that Bauder is making. He does it in a very careful way, but he is doing exactly that.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  3. Now that you put it that way, I guess we can be thankful that brother Doran has saved fundamentalism from a painful episode of humility and soul searching. Breathe a collective sigh of relief, men, and get back to the Piper-bashing and KJV-Onlyism!

  4. Wow Don, so Doran only SAYS he agrees with Bauder. He really DISAGREES but doesn’t want to be forthright about it. And THAT’S the kind of guy you want on your side. Because that’s the sort of courageous stand a fundamentalist would take.

    If that’s what you have to believe, knock yourself out. Trumpet it from the rooftops. I’ll sit back and enjoy the show.

  5. Actually Doran has responded to and refuted Don’s mischaracterizations of Doran’s position over at Chris Anderson’s My Two Cents: “. . . . I was not merely being polite in expressing the slightness of my difference with Dr. Bauder. I agree with him on virtually everything he says regarding how we’ve compromised our integrity by ignoring the ignorance in our midst while treating CEs as we have. . . .”

  6. The first half of Doran’s response is focused on more accurately dividing each conservative evangelical from each other and himself so that each is in his neat little box and all property lines are observed. The second half accuses Bauder of being too concerned with putting people in neat little boxes. I’m glad I’m in the PCA.

  7. Josh, don’t be ridiculous.

    To all, regardless of my assessment of Dave’s argument, “polite” or not, Dave wrote his article to show where he disagreed with Bauder. I am agreeing with Dave’s article here, I think he got it right. You can dismiss that disagreement, but I think it is a significant statement and accurately points at the flaws in Bauder’s main point.

    Don Johnson
    Jerimiah 33.3

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