Foxtrot Charlie Six Two Niner

One of the reasons the capable A. W. Tozer has been standing in for me on this blog is that I have been busy with an unanticipated eight hours of Aviation English (teaching hours, which took nearly twenty hours out of my week). One of the things Colombians do well is to put things off till the last minute and then pay for it without complaining.

It was in an awkward location, and as a result of the sheer effort I am heartily weary of Flight Level Two Niner Zero, Bravo X-ray Tree (not three, mind you) Fouwer (= 4) Eight, Aeroflot Six Six and One Two Zero Zero Zulu, never mind windshear, microbursts, PAN PAN, MAYDAY, leading edges, aprons and taxiway Tango. The interesting thing about my job is how much you learn about a variety of things, but sometimes the variety vanishes and things all stack up.

I don’t understand how people can learn doing it all without sleep and at the last minute. I have been sleeping less than my regulatory 8 hours (less than 7 actually, and that’s my minimum) and I am starting to feel sick. Of course, teaching takes more energy than studying and learning, so it may be that. But the culture of education in our day has something very wrong with it, as if learning were no longer considered an activity of leisure. It isn’t, I suppose. It is part of the rat race.

I’m part of the rat race, and I’m teaching jargon. But if my student passes the test and has to communicate in English in an emergency, I may also have saved some lives. Of course, it has earned me a bit of income, which is what it is really all about: the rat race.

If we buy some furniture, you are all invited to visit. Fly AeroRepublica!

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